Plateau de Larina Sensitive Natural Area

  • ENS de Larina
  • ENS de Larina
  • ENS de Larina
  • ENS de Larina
  • ENS de Larina
  • ENS de Larina
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ENS de LarinaENS de LarinaENS de LarinaENS de LarinaENS de LarinaENS de LarinaPlan de situation du siteBalisage du circuit


From a cliff on this plateau, you can look down on a large peat bog and the medieval village of Hières-sur-Amby. The Larina trail leads visitors around the sensitive natural area, linking a dozen interactive terminals with the Peregrine Falcon logo.
Along the trail, you will find a mosaic of biotopes: boxwood and juniper heaths, dry meadows with orchids, oak and hornbeam woods, cliffs with nesting peregrine falcons and crag martins, scree dotted with maple and linden trees...
In addition, the Larina archaeological site and its remains attest that man lived independently here, from the Bronze Age to the High Middle Ages.
Période(s) d'ouvertureAll year round.
  • classifications :
    • Espaces Naturels Sensibles
  • Mountains :
    • Mountains


Free access.
Plateau de Larina Sensitive Natural Area
  • Spoken language(s) :
    • French


Espace Naturel Sensible Plateau de Larina
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 45.791088
Longitude : 5.300723
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