Nid d'Aigle de Brotel Fortress

  • Maison forte de Brotel


The Brotel Fortress sits on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Val d'Amby. It was in this beautiful countryside that Edouard Herriot chose to spend his later years.
The history of this residence began in 1247, when the Laure family payed homage to the seigniory of Brotel. The building demonstrates its defensive vocation, sitting on an outcrop, dominating the only way of access. Remodelled in the 16th century, it consists of an earlier dwelling to the east, where there is no natural protection from the cliffs, and a terrace on two levels. Access to the courtyard is protected by two fortified gates.
  • Type of culturel patrimony :
    • Historic site and monument
  • categories :
    • Classified or listed (CNMHS)
  • Historical patrimony :
    • Historic patrimony
    • House
  • Style :
    • Gothic
    • Renaissance
  • Period :
    • 16th C
    • 13th C

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Complément accueilPrivate site, not open for visits.
Nid d'Aigle de Brotel Fortress
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Maison forte le Nid d'Aigle de Brotel
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 45.782489
Longitude : 5.316095
On the summit of a rocky outcrop dominating the Val d'Amby
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    • In the country
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