Etang de Lemps sensitive natural area


At the heart of Isle Crémieu lies the étang de Lemps lake, representative of the wetlands in Nord Isère. This 23-hectare site is part of the villages of Optevoz and Saint-Baudille-de-la-Tour.
A thematic trail and an observatory with disabled access introduce visitors to the aquatic life in the lake, including the remarkable European pond turtle, an endangered species. Recognizable by its black neck with yellow spots, they live, feed and breed at the water's edge.
An emblem of the site, the pond turtle is a threatened species due to the disappearance of its habitat. The étang de Lemps is an ideal environment (aquatic milieu, shade, adapted banks and dry slopes for the laying of eggs).
How do you recognize it? It is about 20cm long, the males have red eyes and the females have small, yellow eyes. They have a black body with yellow dots.
Among the 457 plant species inventoried, there are orchids, marsh pennywort, southern adderstongue, European Michaelmas daisies...
Flora: 14 heritage species (Lax-flowered orchids, Anacampus palustris, Bombycilaena erecta, Marsh pennywort, Knautia Timeroyii, Spiny water nymph, Adder's tongue, Threadleaf crowfoot, Golden dock, Downy woundwort, Teucrium scordium, Common meadow rue, Southern bladderwort, Smooth vetch)
Fauna: 3 invertebrate heritage species (Small red-eye damselfly, Stag beetle, Desmoulin's whorl snail) 17 species of reptiles and amphibians (Agile frog, European pond turtle...) 130 species of birds (Little bittern, Reed bunting) , Kingfisher, Eurasian reed warbler, Great reed warbler...)
Habitats: 12 heritage habitats (eutrophic stagnant water, phragmites)
Période(s) d'ouvertureAll year round.
  • classifications :
    • Espaces Naturels Sensibles
  • Water :
    • Pond
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    • Pets welcome
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    • marked footpaths
  • Individual tour services :
    • Guided individual tours on request
    • Unguided individual tours available permanently
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    • Guided group tours on request
  • Parking :
    • Car park
  • Accessibility criteria for people with reduced mobility :
    • Accessible for self-propelled wheelchairs
    • Reserved space 330 cm wide < 20 m from the site


Free access.
Etang de Lemps sensitive natural area
  • Spoken language(s) :
    • French


Espace naturel sensible de l’étang de Lemps
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 45.754703
Longitude : 5.364644
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