Etang de Gôle Sensitive Natural Area

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  • ENS étang de Gôle
  • ENS étang de Gôle
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From the 7-hectare lake created in the 18th century to the dense canopy of the Tire-Gerbes forest, passing by the banks of the ruisseau de l'enfer, or Hell's stream, you can discover protected species such as the European Pond Turtle or the Southern damselfly.
Distance: 3.3km
In times gone by, the women came to rinse their clothes in the adobe washhouse, hemp was laid out to dry before the stalks were removed, people fished and hunted...
Nowadays, Montcarradiaud schoolchildren come for natural science lessons, villagers fish or take a walk. This pond is protected: renovation and maintenance of the dyke. Heritage species are monitored: European pond turtle, Great crested grebe, Agile frog, Dragonflies...
Période(s) d'ouvertureAll year round.
  • classifications :
    • Espaces Naturels Sensibles
  • Water :
    • Pond


Free access.
Etang de Gôle Sensitive Natural Area
Phone : +33 4 74 92 43 31
Phone : +33 4 74 92 48 62
  • Spoken language(s) :
    • French


Espace Naturel Sensible Etang de Gôle
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 45.607393
Longitude : 5.39805
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